Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

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A cookie is a little data file that is saved on your computer’s hard disc or in the memory of your smartphone, PC, or another device when you visit our website. It compiles information about your usage of our website, which allows us to recognize and remember you during future visits.

Cookies and other related technologies allow us to:

· present material that is likely to be of interest to you (for example, we recognize you as a repeat visitor and can customize your experience to include previously watched articles, players, items, tickets, and so on);
· monitor and upgrade the website’s functioning and usability (for example, collecting session and event data to see which features and areas are most popular);
· offer relevant ads.

Types of Cookies We Use

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies: these cookies are required for the website of the DELUXE KEY LTD to function. Requests for services such as secure zones, shopping baskets/checkouts, preserving a logged-in state, and remembering form input cannot be fulfilled without them. None of these cookies include information that may be used to identify you for advertising or targeting reasons. You may be able to control them through browser settings, but our website will not work properly.

2. Functionality Cookies: these cookies enable the DELUXE KEY LTD website to remember you, your choices, and your preferences so that you may enjoy improved and more personalized features during each visit. They can also save information about certain services and items that you might be interested in. You may manage whether or not these cookies are used, but doing so may prevent the website from providing a complete experience.

3. Analytical Performance Cookies: these cookies, such as Google Analytics, assist us in improving our website by collecting data on how visitors interact with them. For example, which pages are most often viewed, how users interact with content, where error warnings appear, and where visitors have clicked to view advertisements or connections to other areas of the site (or external commercial partner sites). This information cannot be used to identify individuals and is not used for targeting.

How to Manage Cookies

Remember that any changes you make may impact the functionality of elements of our website.
You may manage cookies using your browser settings, but keep in mind that this will affect all websites you visit on your device.
General guidelines may be found at:

If you have any issues or questions concerning cookies or how we manage your data, please contact us via email: