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Eyes on Sport

Colts vs. Broncos (2022)

The Broncos and Colts both came into Thursday night’s AFC clash beaten and broken, with little offence to show for it. And they did it again in their prime-time “competition.”

In an injury-plagued contest, the Colts prevailed 12-9 against the Broncos. Matt Ryan maintained his composure despite the sacks, turnovers, fumbles, and three-and-outs that characterised Thursday night’s streaming snoozer.

The Colts won not because they played a full game. Ryan was hooting and yelling on his way into the locker room after the win, which was not due to him or the rest of the Colts offence.

When did the game begin, considering that it promised 60+ minutes of preseason football? Consider Hackett’s choice to go for it on fourth-and-1 with 2:38 remaining in overtime and the Colts fresh off a field-goal drive. The coach could have played it safe and sent McManus out for another field goal, aiming for a 12-12 tie and hoping Indy fumbled its next drive.