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Eyes on Sport

Super Bowl LVI (2022)

The SUPER BOWL LVI 2022 was remembered as the game when the Bengals dominated the second quarter. They got an interception and marched down the field after coming out of the gate with the now-famous face mask no-call score to Higgins. The Bengals had the Rams on the ropes on 3rd and 3 from the twelve when Aaron Donald sacked Joe Burrow for an eight-yard loss. The Bengals scored a field goal to keep the game within reach for the Rams, allowing Stafford and the offense to turn the tide. Without Donald’s defensive stand, the Bengals gain a lead that LA is unlikely to overcome. In a true sense, this was a game-changer.

Fans who attended the Super Bowl events before the game and those who attended the game received a complimentary KN95 mask.

There were crucial moments on both ends of the line of possession that reminded supporters why these two teams were in the Super Bowl in the first place.